Est. 2001


Design has an ever-increasing, impactful role in our daily lives. It informs, persuades, suggests, helps, crafts, engages and touches people every day. Weightshift has a role in that design canon, helping digitally minded companies, their users and audience, and most importantly, people interact with each other in ways that are beneficial to both.

Weightshift is an independent, agile, people-driven studio in San Francisco and Chicago. The studio encompasses and provides a range and variety of capabilities within the realms of design, development, content and ideation. Our clients are some of the best in the industry.


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  • AIGA
  • Analyte Health
  • BagNews
  • Behavior
  • Born Magazine
  • Buy Local Cycling
  • The Cat Practice
  • Central
  • Christopher Barrett
  • Dawdle
  • Frances Cycles
  • Gapers Block
  • Half Acre Cycling
  • Happy Cog
  • Harvest
  • Humanized
  • Layer Tennis
  • Lookout
  • Microsoft
  • Mixel
  • Mozilla
  • mStoner
  • Obvious Corp.
  • Panjiva
  • Pictory
  • PxMail
  • Rdio
  • Ron Wu Photography
  • Twitter
  • Vara Software
  • Virb
  • WordPress

What They Say

  • "As a designer myself, there really are very, very few design studios I would ever hire. I just don't trust most other designers to do the kind of work that matches my vision while also surprising me in thought-provoking ways. But I trust Weightshift to do that, and working with them produced exactly those results. It was a truly rewarding collaboration."

    Khoi Vinh
    Co-founder, CEO of Mixel

  • "Naz and the Weightshift team delivered way beyond our expectations. Naz and Laurel are zen powerhouses of ingenuity and unparalleled taste. They were always there to answer questions and steer us toward the best solutions."

    Michelle Sobel
    Co-Founder and Vice President of New Services, Analyte Health

  • "We've worked with Weightshift for a few years now on a variety of projects, both big and small. Bottom line: Weightshift consistently produces results that exceed expectations. Their design process is rigorous, yet efficient. Their strong communication skills ensure that all are on the same page and that everyone understands the goals and constraints of any given project. There have been numerous times where Naz’s intuition about our business inspired us to change direction — not only from a design standpoint, but from a product strategy standpoint as well. Simply put, Weightshift is one of the best firms out there. "

    James Psota
    Co-founder, CTO of Panjiva




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