Gratitude in Triplicate

What a week! Last week was immensely busy and at the same time, good. And so, without further ado…


For a site that was 9 months off-and-on in the making, the response to the redesign has been gratifying. There were moments when I personally wanted to scrap it entirely and start from scratch (which I did) but eventually was told by the rest, “Ship it.” And so we did. Thanks for the kind words.


Related to the redesign, we made a conscious decision to surface items of interest across the site so people were aware of those items. One of those, the t-shirt we made, is visible on every page. Sales have been, well, better than ever, thanks to you.

And thanks.

Shortly after we launched the redesign, I posted The Personal Page. I’m unaware of the statistics of it (downloads, etc.) but it’s been forked, downloaded and most importantly used on a variety of personal pages for people all over the web.

Thank you.


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