Instagram 2.0

There’s been some criticism about the new version of Instagram and its filters (see Owen Billcliffe’s sharp critique and John Gruber’s response). Personally, I don’t think they’re any less fun.

I tweeted yesterday:

I know some are hatin’ on the new @instagram, but I love the subtle new filters. More finesse, less overwrought forcefulness.

I get excited whenever there’s an update to the app, especially when there are new filters. Since I started using Instragram, I’ve longed for a set of filters that did more with less. As an avid photographer (don’t call me a purist per se), I like to preserve the original spirit of a moment, and the new filters produced in collaboration with Cole Rise have a far more subtle approach while providing clarity and conciseness. It also may be a matter of taste, though — I found some of the original filters heavy-handed and too processed, which led me never to use some of them at all. And so, I’m supportive of the new updates.

Dan Cederholm in reply to my tweet puts it best:

@weightshift @instagram Agreed. I always thought the filters were primarily about making phone photos look better. They still do that.


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