Introducing SitBy.Us

If you’ve ever been to SXSW Interactive, you know that it can be difficult to find where your friends are sitting in a panel, particularly in the massive auditoriums and the notorious 18BCD. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to let your friends know where you’re sitting — or find out where they are — in an easy-to-use app?

SitBy.Us is meant to do just that. It combines an easily scannable panel schedule with simple room maps on which you can check in and give your friends an idea of where to start looking for you. You also have the ability to be more specific about where you’re sitting or include some other commentary. It’s linked into your Twitter account, so you don’t even have to worry about adding your friends.

Find a panel

A day-by-day schedule view that allows you to drill down by time slot makes it fast and easy to find a panel.

Star if you plan to attend.

Star panels and events allowing you to build your own schedule and letting friends and other attendees know what you’re interested in attending.

See where your Twitter friends are sitting.

See where your friends are and find them.

Check in when you’re seated.

Or you can let friends find you.

View your personal schedule.

All the panels you’re interested in or attend.

Amazingly, we whipped this thing out in a little over a month from start to finish. There’s still at least one update to be done — SXSW still has a few things listed as TBA, and they haven’t filled in all the details on some of the panels. We’ll get those sorted out as soon as they do. Meanwhile, you can still add them to your schedule — your stars will remain attached when those panels move to their rightful places.

So, what are you waiting for? Go log in and start planning out your schedule! And don’t forget to follow @sitbyus on Twitter to get updates and/or deliver feedback and bug reports.


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