Look Around

We’d been working on a project since late last year that debuted in September (more on that in the future). We built it using Google Maps as its introductory hook, and while the project didn’t need nor have the scope for it at the time, Scott and I discussed various ways it could be better (something you should always be doing with your work) if time/money/scope allowed for it.

Scott showed me a piece of coded goodness a month or more ago. The project above inspired him to create this code, which he released yesterday on GitHub. It’s called LookAround.

In Scott’s words:

LookAround is a simple experiment that controls a Google Maps Street View with orientation and location information from the host device. To view: open the page from an iOS or Android device, and turn around in circles.

While Scott doesn’t mention it above, it’s a little experiment in utilizing Google Maps as an augmented reality platform. In a future version, we could see this functionality extending the aforementioned client project we worked on. But there’s also a lot of possibilities here too — working with the Google Maps API to layer in better geo-aware services in the augmented reality aspect. Think of your preferred geo-location check-in or other similar service utilizing augmented reality to give you a better sense of where and why.

It’s sometimes best to “show, don’t tell.” I took these photos earlier this morning just outside the studio:

It’s a seed, but it bears fruit.


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