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As long as people have had personal websites, people have had a place to call home, online. With the advent of cheap domains paired with an ever growing landscape of ways to host a site, one can have a personal website that looks great and does what it needs to do for the price of one good meal.

In this recent redesign, the About page went through a few iterations before we came to the version you see now. Instead of individual and lengthy biographical pages touting the individual best, we decided to simply link to everyone’s personal site — whether it be a blog, a one-pager or whathaveyou.

While everyone else has a full-fledged blog that spoke to who they were, my own personal endeavours have run the gamut for over a decade. I’ve never owned my own name proper as a domain and decided to take this opportunity to grab that and present a simple one-page site that collects what I’m up to, where you can find it and a touch of who I am. You can find the site at nazhamid.com and which appears linked on the About page and is shown below.

I posted that on Twitter and garnered positive feedback. Frank Chimero asked about riffing on the site, to which I replied in the affirmative (though Twitter thinks I’m interested in an iMac, hah) and he came up with this:

A quick round robin occurred on Twitter with others chiming in their interest in doing similar with results:

Paul Armstrong‘s beautiful version is less like mine and takes a unique twist on it, incorporating his own beautiful photography and self-portraits. It’s a great take on the personal page I started, with elements of a random information box position and different portrait photos every time you visit or refresh.

Designer Tim Lum followed up with a site of his own which follows more closely to the original I created.

With the advent of such, I thought to myself, “Well, let’s open this up proper.” So, following in the like-mindedness of open sourcing and taking a cue from the developer community in these sorts of endeavours, why not release this design (and accompanying code) as a free, open-source, forkable design that anyone can implement for their own simple one-page website?

And so it is. Grab the source files on GitHub and implement it yourself or fork it and take it someplace new. It’s licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

GitHub: The Personal Page

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