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Reinvigorating your address on the web, and shining a spotlight on what matters most to you.

2015–2016 / Augment
product design, user interface, user experience, branding

about.me relaunched in early 2016 after several months of close collaboration with their team to reconceptualize and revitalize the site.

From tackling the gamut of user interface and experience across the product itself to user onboarding, from branding to visual language — the result was a successful relaunch. We continue to consult with the team.

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Your address on the web, fast.
Easy-peasy onboarding.

One of the primary goals was to get people signed up and quickly ushered into the creation process. Focusing on this intent, we optimized for ease of use and friendliness. During testing and postlaunch, people have applauded how straightforward this onboarding process is.

Showcasing you.

The outcome of creating an about.me account is the page itself. This is the tangible thing you share with the world — a representation of your best self. With that in mind, we developed a variety of simple-to-digest designs and colors for individuals to choose from.

A breath of fresh air.

Brand always plays a large role. A fresh palette and visual language was implemented to bring the new experience to life.

Creating an appealing product that people want to use is just one part of the story. The other is telling that story. We designed an effective homepage to describe what about.me is and how it benefits you. Additionally, beautiful discover pages were created to aid in general exploration of individuals or finding people with similar interests/hashtags as you.

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