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Adobe Typekit

Design and build of a beautiful marketing homepage for Typekit, the best place for web typography.

2013 / Collab
design, user interface, user experience, responsive, development, branding

As one of the trailblazers for bringing fonts to the web, Typekit has been revolutionary. We had the immense pleasure of collaborating with a first-rate crew on the marketing website.

When Typekit first launched, web designers and developers everywhere threw their arms up in triumph. Finally, here was a small company that listened to our growing needs — how best to get access to and serve up quality web fonts. Not only was this a necessary service, but the team behind it was top-notch.

We were delighted and honored when Bryan Mason and Jeffrey Veen consulted us about redesigning the homepage as well as evolving their identity since being acquired by Adobe.

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Typekit was bigger now — with the additional resources of Adobe at large, the nimble and growing team needed to implement a relevant update to the website. We explored what would be an interesting story to tell and how to tell it succinctly. Ultimately, we elected to weave that tale within the real estate of a long homepage, resulting in a modern and fresh take on Typekit.

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No overhaul of a site would be complete without responsiveness. We thought about how to best customize the experience for mobile devices — users have different mind-sets and requirements. We collapsed the blocks into bands, making use of gestures to navigate and peruse the content.

With more Adobe.

Last, but not least, we helped bring Typekit’s logo and identity in line with Adobe’s. Adobe has a custom typeface, Adobe Clean, used across their brand. We brought Jason Santa Maria’s original circle logo and “T” into Adobe’s square brand language. We also tweaked the type to lock up everything nicely.

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