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A Design Studio — San Francisco, CA— SF, CA

Outpost Games

Web design, development, and copywriting for a new kind of video game company.

2015-2016 / Collab
visual design, user experience, branding, responsive, development, copywriting, content direction

Outpost Games is an in-stealth video game company that’s “...turning players into performers.” We collaborated to design, develop, and create brand direction and content for their initial website.

Working with the founders, we iterated steadily to bring their brand to life. Intertwining design with content and copy, the result is a site that subtly touches upon the vibe and culture of this new game company comprised of seasoned veterans. We continue to provide services as they work toward their first game release.

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Silently operational.

Launching a stealth-mode website to announce that a company is up and running, and yet not giving away the farm, is a challenge. Recruitment is a priority at Outpost. Our task was to design a complete solution that complemented their existing identity and extend it throughout the website and content. We walked that delicate line of hinting at Outpost’s atmosphere while simultaneously making everything alluring.

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