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A Design Studio — San Francisco, CA— SF, CA

Xero TaxTouch

An iOS app for freelancers and independents to track income, categorize expenses, and file taxes.

2015–2016 / Collab
product design, user interface, user experience, branding

We collaborated closely for over nine months with the cloud accounting software company Xero to design and develop TaxTouch, an award-winning iOS app for freelancers to easily track income, categorize business expenses, and file their taxes.

Together with iOS partner Overcommitted, we helped with the user interface, user experience, and front-end development for a successful submission and launch in the Apple App Store. For an additional four months postlaunch, we continued to assist Xero with app support, delivering point releases, integrating feedback and tweaks, and squashing bugs.

Swipe right for business, left for personal.
It’s as easy as that.

Categorizing your expenses has never been easier — transactions come in as a deck of cards, which are quickly dealt with in a couple of swipes. We created a friendly human experience for handling something most of us don’t want to.

Reporting for duty.

Get an at-a-glance scoop on how your income, expenses, and taxes are doing. The “Report” view keeps you on top of your work and aware of the state of your business. This view is designed to be clear and concise.

Robust or easy?
How about both.

We engineered “Search” to allow for bulk editing, recoding, and other powerful editing options.

When that time of year rolls around, a simple “Create Schedule C” action sends an email with your tax information ready for filing.

“Xero is principled in design. Every feature, every experience, and every single interaction is poured over until we get it right. Finding the right partners that adhere to the same principles was a necessity for us. Weightshift and Overcommitted have delivered. It’s been a great experience working with them, and the result is beautiful.”

Jamie Sutherland
Former GM, US Products & Solutions

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