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A Design Studio — San Francisco, CA— SF, CA


Product design and branding for a music experience.

2011-2014 / Augment, Collab
visual design, user interface, user experience, branding

We partnered with Rdio (RIP) on a few occasions — aiding in the product design for Rdio Home, creating a brand book, and designing T-shirts.

We have a deep, deep love for Rdio. When the service first launched, it made complete sense to us — as music obsessives, our large libraries became unwieldy to migrate from computer to computer or computer to device. The service became the only way we listened to music.

We still miss them, bad.

Rdio Home.

Our last project involved the exploration, design, and user experience of Home — a glimpse of what’s happening on your Rdio.

Over eight weeks, we developed a visual design language and, more importantly, the algorithms that crunch your data, presenting you with the most relevant activity in your library and social connections. The work launched with an evolved layout from the original concepts, but the experience, curation, and ideas remained.

Catalog pages.

We also explored iterations on the catalog pages for albums — a tabbed version on the left, a single page with anchor scroll links on the right. A variant of this work shipped into the product.

The brand book.

Malthe Sigurdsson designed and established the identity and mark for Rdio, and we were tasked with developing a supporting brand language and guide to codify the brand.

Over a three-month period, we examined a range of concepts and ideas. As part of our deliverables, we designed a guide that addressed how to treat the brand — everything from do’s and don’ts to colors to typography to how to employ the assets.

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